Goodbye, chunky. Hi, Blender! (with the Interior Of Dat Triangle)

This would be one of my last frames of Minecraft renderworks with chunky. I will be switching to blender, an open source modeling software that supports GPU ray tracing with CUDA and allows tweaks to model before performing actual (now night-long) rendering.

Chunky is still pretty straightforward to newbie CG makers, written in java that virtually runs everywhere, but it does not support GPU rendering, and java multi-threading overhead made it even worse.

Blender, on the other hand, needs a few hours to setup but provides far more precise control over elements, vertices, edges and fancy stuff. Cropping down map portions out of the camera view, customize torch light color, removing specific blocks, render entities with actual motion…

So… Goodbyeさようなら, chunky. Hi, Blender!

I might still recommend chunky for those who want to have a sip of minecraft rendering, but for more complex terrain and huge creations, use blender.

Here’s the downscaled rendered frame, but you can still find full resolution on deviant art.

Rendering Specs:

Rendering time: 1.57 days
Threads: 3
Original dimensions: 4000x4000
Downscaled dimensions for uploading: 2000x2000




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