Open Source 开源项目

This page is a listing of current (and past) open source projects. Visit my GitHub page for more information. Issues, pull requests and discussions are always welcomed. Some of my personal projects are now maintained at my personal GitLab instance due to annoying and toxic behavior from GitHub including but not limited to abusing DMCA and rate limiting for no apparent reasons. Repos are still available on GitHub as a read-only mirror.

这里列出了我现在和过去编写/参与的开源项目,视奸我的 GitHub 主页可以看到更多信息,欢迎提交 Issue PR 和吐槽。部分项目由于 GitHub 诸如 DMCA 和毫无理由限制访问频率等迷惑行为,已迁移至个人 GitLab 实例。GitHub 上仍然会保留只读的镜像仓库。

My projects / 个人项目

  • GitLab Instance:
    For the time being, this instance is not open to public registration. Please send me an email to request an account if you would like to store repositories on my server.
  • minemap
    Conversion between images and Minecraft map items
    图像和 Minecraft 地图转换程序
  • EarthLiveShell
    Live View of the Earth from space right on desktop
  • back-to-the-abbs
    Aka btta. The name was a neta of Back to the Future. A repository of AOSC OS build configurations that I don’t think suitable in main AOSC abbs tree, either due to radical patches, unstable alpha versions or copyright reasons. Binaries are available for redistributable packages. Check for deploy instructions.
    名称捏它自《回到未来》。此仓库存有由于以各种原因而无法并入 AOSC 主配置仓库的软件(例如过于激进的补丁,不稳定的开发版本或者限制分发的许可证)。允许重分发的软件会以预编译二进制包的形式提供,部署方式请参考

Participating projects / 参与的项目

请参考 GitHub 个人页面。

Abandoned projects / 已废弃

  • TransitRailMod
    Minecraft 1.8 Mod featuring platform doors and other elements of public transit railway systems
    Stopped for the horrible fact that every time Minecraft updates, to refactor the mod would be no less complicated than starting from scratch. I will not remove files, so if anyone still want to check it out on legacy minecraft versions, download here.
  • aurkit-cth
    A set of bash scripts designed to automate the package build process on ArchLinux
    Better workarounds exist.
  • cloudmusic-fmtbot
    A telegram bot that converts netease cloudmusic share links into formatted messages with album art
    Netease music is literally broken outside mainland China.