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由于智障 Travis CI 的 gradle 版本过低无法 Build,我决定在自己的 VPS 上发测试性质的版本,反正 VPS 的带宽也用不完。目前请勿在正经的地方(专门拿来造建筑的创造地图等等)使用此 mod,因为我无法保证这个 mod 没有导致崩坏的潜在问题。

此处放出的 jar 均为

  • 最近的
  • 应该不会导致 Minecraft 崩溃的
  • 功能并不很完全的
  • 可能出现各种奇怪非预期情况的
  • 照着 forge 稳定版和 Minecraft 1.8 构建出来的

下面的 build log 会更新,然而这个页面是静态的,可以 star 开头的 repo 以获得版本信息。如果有什么好的想法,欢迎给我发 E-mail / 开 issue / 开 Pull Request

Because gradle version on Travis CI is too old to build the mod, I decided to build and release bleeding edge yet playable builds here on my server. I haven’t been short of bandwidth recently, anyway. However, don’t use this mod on your seriously built creative world because I can’t guarantee you this mod wouldn’t break anything.

The mod build released here is…

  • a most recent one that…
  • (possibly) won’t crash your game client.
  • Although it’s a not-that-unstable build,
  • expect some flaws and unimplemented things.
  • Built against “recommended” version of forge and Minecraft 1.8

This page is static except for the build message below. You may star the repository in the link above to keep track of the versioning. E-mails, issues, pull requests and discussions are always welcomed. :P

稳定构建 / Stable builds

测试版构建目录 / Listing of unstable build directory: