About Myself en_US


  • Linux and system management
  • Bash
  • Python as a Calculator (and glue)
  • C / C++ with std::shared_ptr<T>
  • CMake
  • Daily Regular Expressions
  • Oh my abtract algebra, groups and rings
  • Know how to program in Java probably
  • 3D modeling with Blender (as a hobby)


Real life Preferences / Physical presence

  • Daisy is the best!
  • vim
  • tab or 4 spaces or 8 spaces
  • AOSC + Archlinux + Android x86
  • UW-Madison Computer Science & Applied Math
  • Good old DSLR 50D

Digital presence

  • IRC freenode cth451_desktop
  • IRC libera.chat cth451
  • Telegram @cth451
  • Steam cth451

On the boundaries

Please encrypt emails addressed to me with one of the public keys below whenever possible. You are more than welcome to ask me to sign your public keys if we could meet in person. (After this COVID thing, of course.)

  • 4096R 835C19A0757F327F49D7732FD226918C211F6BB0
  • 4096R 336E9D9A9B80E1BEFFE4CBB994333B156BD49DC0
  • 4096R 3EA4556BFDA919931884606919F85E55F96644FC
  • Primary Key: ed25519 84A70FE4C48D821E83D636996BC17BFCD0F07862
    • E cv25519 3340087B2C4DBD41 (main encryption key)
    • A ed25519 6F9AC675CAEABD3C (main authentication key)
    • S ed25519 C33327A9C2599668 (device-specific signing key)
    • S ed25519 6AECCAE939A8842B (device-specific signing key)
    • E rsa4096 363B82E098149BDB (for workplace systems only)
    • A rsa4096 C29AF793F3E8B15A (for workplace systems only)
    • S rsa4096 BE3C916657B5071F (for workplace systems only)