Minneapolis food journal?!

So it is spring break, aka. time for playing around. Apart from plenty of iterative integral assignments that are due after the spring break assigned by Tullia, we are travelling (and ingressing) in Minnesota this time. This is just a brief food journal, and I guess these courses are worth trying.

Food we had at the Ecuadorian food restaurant Chimborazo:

Seco De Carne, beef tender with rice.
Seco De Carne, beef tender with rice.

Seco de carne is over satisfying and hearty. Taste of rice is pretty unique, a little bit sour and juicy, which is not regular Chinese or Japanese way of cooking. I don’t know how they prepared it but it turns out very nice. I didn’t had a chance to taste the “Chaulafan” (sounds like “超辣饭”, super spicy rice bowl but not actually spicy at all) ordered by Jeff and other guys, but I took the picture anyway. Continue reading Minneapolis food journal?!

Goodbye, chunky. Hi, Blender! (with the Interior Of Dat Triangle)

This would be one of my last frames of Minecraft renderworks with chunky. I will be switching to blender, an open source modeling software that supports GPU ray tracing with CUDA and allows tweaks to model before performing actual (now night-long) rendering.

Chunky is still pretty straightforward to newbie CG makers, written in java that virtually runs everywhere, but it does not support GPU rendering, and java multi-threading overhead made it even worse.

Blender, on the other hand, needs a few hours to setup but provides far more precise control over elements, vertices, edges and fancy stuff. Cropping down map portions out of the camera view, customize torch light color, removing specific blocks, render entities with actual motion…

So… Goodbyeさようなら, chunky. Hi, Blender!

I might still recommend chunky for those who want to have a sip of minecraft rendering, but for more complex terrain and huge creations, use blender.

Here’s the downscaled rendered frame, but you can still find full resolution on deviant art.

Rendering Specs:

Rendering time: 1.57 days
Threads: 3
Original dimensions: 4000x4000
Downscaled dimensions for uploading: 2000x2000


Via Noir Chicago!

Last weekend I went to Chicago with my roommate. I split up with my roommate after we arrived in the city.

Before the battle, there are riots against Trump’s presidency on south side of Chicago River and in Millennium Park. (The surprising part is that Chicago police are on bikes.) The POC soon announced that there will be no anomaly portals in those areas.

Play Hard Play Fair Signing Board!
Play Hard Play Fair Signing Board!

This battle was more harsh than I originally thought. Enlightened faction players are organized into car teams, bike teams and foot teams. My team was assigned to guard a target portal in Milton Lee Oliver Park in east part of Chicago. Although we lost the battle because the resistance faction deployed 3 teams to our portal, Enlightened faction won the battle in the end and I leveled up to L13 as well. Everyone enjoyed the night view of Chicago and we had a fun after party in a pizza restaurant. According to my GPS, our team covered a distance of 16 km during the whole anomaly. Continue reading Via Noir Chicago!

Midymidy Cth 客运铁路企划 Part I

Part I 展示区,后续 Part 将会给出具体的设计规范。对我不会弃坑的

目前在 Midymidy 服务器的创造维度进行规划设计,并且在未来计划将这样的设计应用至生存维度中连接各地点和玩家聚集区的铁路。


The Gulf Bridge for Line C1 in Midymidy R3 Creative World
The Gulf Bridge for Line C1 in Midymidy R3 Creative World

Continue reading Midymidy Cth 客运铁路企划 Part I