New GitLab instance


I’ve set up a GitLab instance at for now. Read the sign-in page on the instance to request read-write access.

The Long Part

So Microsoft just bought GitHub *cough*. Although I personally own a Surface Pro 3 tablet, I went through hell a few years ago setting up a feasible dual-boot with Linux (and later tri-booting with Android). I’m not a big fan of Microsoft, but I’ll continue to use GitHub until any of the following happens:

  • A new isolated “GitHub for China” appears and is offloaded to a native Chinese company.
    Reason: After Microsoft acquired Mojang, they cooperated with NetEase and forced mobile users to switch to the “Chinese version” with incompatible APIs targeted at extra DLCs.
  • Any of the proxy software is removed “due to regulations”.
    Reason: [Redacted]
  • Microsoft decides to remove a free software for their own interests.
    Reason: GitHub has long been somehow neutral among the tech giants, but it might be hard to remain so in the near future. I would not blame GitHub if that ever happens, but people will flee.

So far, the GitLab instance will be my depot for private repositories (per request from professors), but I might eventually keep my stuff safe on my own site.

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