Minneapolis food journal?!

So it is spring break, aka. time for playing around. Apart from plenty of iterative integral assignments that are due after the spring break assigned by Tullia, we are travelling (and ingressing) in Minnesota this time. This is just a brief food journal, and I guess these courses are worth trying.

Food we had at the Ecuadorian food restaurant Chimborazo:

Seco De Carne, beef tender with rice.
Seco De Carne, beef tender with rice.

Seco de carne is over satisfying and hearty. Taste of rice is pretty unique, a little bit sour and juicy, which is not regular Chinese or Japanese way of cooking. I don’t know how they prepared it but it turns out very nice. I didn’t had a chance to taste the “Chaulafan” (sounds like “超辣饭”, super spicy rice bowl but not actually spicy at all) ordered by Jeff and other guys, but I took the picture anyway. Continue reading Minneapolis food journal?!



现在的00后在吃日式咖喱猪排饭的时候大概不会想到炸猪排还有蘸酱油的吃法,而这个酱油也不是一般寿司店的寿司酱油或者是用于热气羊肉的老抽,对于我父母这一代,黄牌辣酱油对于炸猪排,就相当于 cheese 对于 animal fries 一样的不可替代。我父母小时候的“泰康黄牌”酱油现在还是上海炸猪排的首选调料。可以没有面粉,可以没有盐,可以不加面包屑,但是不能没有辣酱油。 Continue reading 自制上海风格的炸猪排